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November 15th, 2012

12:47 am - Ooookayyyyy...
Well, for this few months I've been pretty busy with the new high school stuff like accommodating,tests,teachers...Oh yeah,they have lots, LOTS of pretensions. I decided to start cosplaying and my first try is going to be: http://calameliatorte.com/character_tiana.php
My friends and maybe even mom is gonna help me,so yeah, maybe I'm gonna look okay in it. I hope...
In 2 weeks, I have the N4 JLPT exam (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and I'm really nervous and I have to know over 300 Kanji, so wish me good luck. But after the JLPT and the school tests...I don't care anymore. I have 4 otome games started (Bloody Call, Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori, Sumire no Tsubomi and Koezaru wa Akai Hana) and I intend to finish at least 2 of them (or at least 2 characters from each game).
That being said, I have more to complain about, but I'm gonna end it here. See ya! =^_^=
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July 12th, 2012

10:55 pm - New site
Ok,so I decided to start a blog,where I'd post music,lyrics,fanfics and many other things. If you'd please take a look at it and tell me what you think about it,I'd be more than happy and I'd hug you until you wouldn't breathe anymore. You can request anything,from lyrics of certain songs to fanarts and fanfics,so feel free to do so. Thank you very much!

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June 18th, 2012

10:58 pm - Yep, life SUCKS!!!
God dammit! On friday I asked David about uhm, my last question and he just said something like "a relationship is like utopia for me, because I don't like responsibilities". Oh thanks, now I can drown myself! God...Every time I see him, I'm just trying to ignore the fact that I actually confessed to him...and I can't!!! I just like him so much and he won't even give me a chance. Oh well, school's almost over, I got the rest of the money from my scholarship, maybe I can transfer to another highschool(I hope I can transfer to the only highschool that has japanese classes) aaaaand,maybe find someone who loves me and I love back.
Now, my problem is that Alex, my ex, ,just started talking to me, like nothing happened(what I mean is that it's like we didn't breakup). And now, he just wants to hang out with me, talk with me...but I don't, because I don't like him anymore. And I don't know what to do to make him understand this! God save the queen my ass! Save me first!
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May 30th, 2012

12:33 am
Okay,this is sooooooo crazy. Nothing happened in this past few weeks except tests,exams and marks. 10 at History and English exams, and 8 at Latin,but I still have the literature exam this Thursday. Aaaaaand, I confessed to David...on Messenger,of course, are you nuts?! xD I don't wanna die in front of him from a heart attack. I was something like making a plan, because he was busy, so first I would ask him if he had time, and when I popped the messenger window,he wasn't busy online. I suddenly felt how my blood was just draining from my body and I started panicking. My friend was like messaging me "CALM THE HELL DOWN,WOMAN!!!". So after I calmed down,I asked David if he was busy,because I wanted to tell him something and he said okay,spit it out. "I know we barely know each other,but I like you.And I now that the feeling isn't probably mutual,but I just wanted to have a shot." I swear,my heart was beating like there was no tomorrow. Then he was something like "I like the ambition". Ooooookay O.O...WTF!!! I was shocked beyond belief. I almost died from a heart attack,trying to confess,and he like my ambition?! Then, he told me that he'll think about it. So,maybe I have a chance...Now it's something like one moment I regret confessing,the next moment I'm day dreaming about what he's gonna say. I told my friend that I'm gonna hug David if he returns my feelings. Huh,that's all...for now,but I'm gonna see him tomorrow at Biology.
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May 6th, 2012

12:12 am - Disappointed, but also happy
Well,as expected, he didn't come to the skate park,at Street Heroes, and even if he was, I couldn't see him, except for 2-3 classmates of his...Yeah,anyway,I met with a few friends and we all went o the skate park and had fun. We even tanned,while some got sun-burnt(not me :p ). I drank energy drinks(Burn,because they didn't have Monster anymore :(( and I don't like RedBull),I met some awesome people,stared at cute and amazingly talented guys(with long hair,BMXs,skateboards or rollerskates, the typical,but also handsome skater style)and talked with the ones in our group. There was this guy, Pancu(I thought it came from Punk,but it's actually his family name xD )who was flirting with one of my friends,Wolf(a girl in my class who listens to rock and metal,like me),even though she already has a boyfriend. But later,he just told me that one of his friends was trying to hook him up with her,even though he didn't want to because of that 'boyfriend' thing. Then,he just told me that he had a lot of problems with his family and that he can barely take it anymore. I trued to calm him down,then he showed me some tattoo models made by him and told me that I could read his stories if I want,which I find really cute. Then he asked me if I want to meet up with him soon. That's cute, but I already like the guy from my class. Oh yeah,and his name is David.
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May 4th, 2012

01:15 am - Hey! Say! JUMP
Damn, I just fell in love with those guys...They look amazingly hot(especially Ryo-chan and Yu-chan <3)and I pretty much love their new song, Super Delicate. Now, I'm just waiting for NYC's new song Haina and looking for more pixx so that I can drool over with my friends(well,the few of them who understand me).Something else? Well, I'm just writing my first fanfic about Ryo-chan, but it's so hard because of his age...But yeah,like the summary,if anyone's interested:

Umiko's life was perfect. She had a great job as a hair-stylist for HSJ;a great boyfriend,Kanata;great friends...Plus that, Yamada Ryosuke,one of the HSJ members, has fallen in love with her, but she doesn't know.It all seemed to go so good for her, until that night,when her whole world broke into pieces...The death of her boyfriend, who had proposed to her the same night, made her fall into a life of misery,grief and agony...Will she learn how to love again,come back to her feet and let go of a painful moment that changed her life drastically?

Well,that's all. I'm gonna be pretty busy, since I'm having my exams in the next few weeks, but I'm gonna post this as soon as I'm done,so...whoever is interested in reading my other fanfics(like 20+ or something,with jrockers),just leave a comment and I'll post the link. Bye-bye!
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01:03 am - Uwaaaah! It's nothing, really...Just...OMG!
Okay, so, I am so in love right now...I can barely sleep at night because of this. This guy is like the best I've ever seen in my whole life...and it looks like he barely notices me...but so what, just seeing him makes my heart skip a beat. He is like one year older(which means that next year we won't see each other on the hallway anymore T^T), but my plan is to confess to him as soon as I can so that I don't spazz around about how my heart's gonna blow every time I see him.My friend is also in love with one of his friends, but she won't even talk with him,on messenger or something. Anyway, I'm going on this weekend to Street Heroes,and he said that maybe he'll come if his friend returns him his skateboard. And he also accepted to go to a movie with me. Huhh, this guy is so amazing...I want to buy him an album with G'n'R, but it's so damn expensive...But I think it would make him so happy...Any ideas?
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